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my dear friend @elmay11’s beautiful record is out today! get it!! link in her profile #elmay #topiy @elmay11 @elmay11 @elmay11

first rule of coloring club: there are no rules at coloring club. second rule: be a kid. @mariedemers hi @baronfig

spent the last week moving out of my office/studio space to start working from home… I’m dreaming of plans to build a workspace in my yard but until then… holy shit. hello Sunday.

That’s a spice-y rack!


I love space saving solutions that are aesthetically pleasing.  Here is my collaboration with Michael Corwin of Artifact Woodworks. Together we created lots of extra shelf & counter space and an awesome shelf to store tea and spices in my litle kitchen.  I designed/sketched the rough idea and he brought it to life.  His talent and experience brought a whole new level of quality to my design.  He suggested using walnut wood for the tea shelf and he finished it with an oil/varnish blend with wax.  It’s so pretty!  He’s a skilled woodworker, I’m just the ideas man (lady).   Oh, and duh! I made the curtains and did all the varnishing.  HA!

For the counter, we attached some 1 inch plywood to a metal metro shelving unit (I got mine from Uline).  Michael routed a nice rounded edge which is such a nice touch and totally new for me.   We used half inch plywood for the lower two shelves and stained all three with Zar oil-based wood stain in the color “Mediterranean” for that dark but not too dark look. Finished with with Zar Ultra Max varnish in Satin.  I love using this for counters because it’s kitchen friendly - easy to clean and long lasting.  The pics pretty much tell the story so I’ll let them take it from here…. oh and  Artifact Woodworks website is coming soon but meanwhile you can visit the instagram page

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VIDEO! pergola almost done… next is plastic roofing 🙋 🔨 🔩 🌴🌴 🌵 mural by miss @saeleeoh

dog bowl lov


my dog noodle is tall and elevated food bowls make it easier on her neck. most elevated dog feeders are ugly so here’s my simple solution….

i had two holes cut in a piece of plywood, added some cute hair pin legs [] and then stained & varnished the wood.  my friend michael corwin of artifact woodworks helped me add an edge profile with his router skills.

scroll down for photos and email if you’d like me to build one for you!

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